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Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator is a software program to help you calculate weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly mortgage payments and compare mortgage plans.

Enter the amount financed, payment term, and interest rate. Mortgage Calculator will display amortization graph, payment chart, balance graph, annual amortization table and monthly amortization table. Compare your loan options and determine your payment schedules.

Mortgage Calculator can calculate US and Canadian mortgages. You can use it for U.S. Rule loans (simple interest loads), car loans, business loans, student loans and much more.

Mortgage Calculator will help you make a payment schedule. You can easily see the effect of adding, skipping or changing any payment.

You can store your notes in the program. For example, you can enter the name, address and phone number associated with your loans.

Mortgage Calculator is currently in development. The program will be available for download within several months.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact the program developers at